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Low-energy and passive wooden houses

LUCERN offers you exclusive low-energy and passive wooden houses for the best prices on the market. We offer fashionable housing for the price as for standard (classic) houses. So why should not take the offer “for the same money – more splendid housing“? We propose several options of standard houses, which are projected only for purposes of the firm LUCERN. If you will not choose from the offer, and you will be interested in design own atypical wooden house, we are fully available again. We will also place your dream house on your estate.  

LUCERN concerns itself mainly with construction of wooden skeleton family houses – in low-energy and passive implementation. We use first-rate materials on the market with regard to the investment return period. We are able to guarantee very low-energy house functioning if suitable materials are being used. We do not want to offer you an expensive solution, which cannot ever be valuable to you, so we propose to our customers professional consultancy, FOR FREE of course!

Unique online calculator

We have developed for our clients and potential customers as first on the market online calculator with which you are able to count price of your family house yourself with simple but also accurate method. This price is guaranteed! The price includes the complete price for family turnkey house, including baseplate, founding objects, floors, doors etc. Client has an opportunity to request only for rough construction, including baseplate so that you can complete the house self-help. We want our clients to be always satisfied, so we do our best to adapt to the needs and demands of each client.

3 reasons to build with us

No price “FROM“ whereas price “TO“

We present the final price from the first time. This price contains turnkey wooden house including VAT, baseplates, connections to already prepared engineers‘s nets, appearance of the house (facade) according to designed visualisations created by ourselves, final interior adjustments in standard implementation (floors, facing, paints) and interior doors. For you already waits to ensure “only“ house equipment (furniture, kitchen) and you can easily start to live.

Price of the house is firmly fixed

We are always straight to our customers and we cannot dare to increase price of the house during the construction. This is as well something what we have included in our contracts. An exception create extra demands on work from the position of a client that have set price in advance and approved by both sides. It concerns mostly the change of materials, disposition, alternatively changes in extent of electrics.

We will build a house until 3 months

We have excellently set system of construction control thanks to the age-long experiences, which does positively sign to the building pace of the wooden houses. A customer save a lot of money for sublet, which he has to pay during the time of realisation. Rate of the building do not have any influence on the quality of the realisation thanks to the dry construction, though. We always strictly keep right technological procedures and standards.