4+1 | 108.9 m2

3 290 000,-

včetně DPH


4+1 | 103.3 m2

2 790 000,-

včetně DPH


4+1 | 140.1 m2

3 490 000,-

včetně DPH


3+1 | 71.4 m2

1 990 000,-

včetně DPH


5+1 | 115.1 m2

3 090 000,-

včetně DPH


4+1 | 124.9 m2

3 290 000,-

včetně DPH


4+1 | 103.2 m2

2 740 000,-

včetně DPH


5+1 | 150.4 m2

3 790 000,-

včetně DPH


5+1 | 147 m2

3 690 000,-

včetně DPH


Co se Vám nejvíce na našich domech líbí?


16 %


52.2 %


26.8 %

něco jiného

5 %


We are the cheapest on the Czech market

Due to long-term work with certified suppliers we are able to offer to a client the best prices and conditions. As a great impact on the final price of the wooden house has overheads of the firm, we were able to reduce these incidental costs to the bare minimum thanks to highly-developed system of construction control and as such firm.

No price “from“ but „to“

We state the final price from the first moment, which includes the turnkey wooden house with baseplate, connections to already prepared engineering nets, facades (according to the project or our visualisations), final interior adjustments in the standard implementation if it is not stated differently (floor tiling, tiling, particle boards, paints) and interior doors in the standard implementation. You will deliver equipment of the house (furniture, kitchen, etc.) and you can easily start living.

♦ Price of the house is strictly fixed and it will not be increased, ever

An exception makes required extra work from the side of a client, which are beforehand priced and approved by the both parts – it is mainly about change of materials, change of disposition, replenishment of partitions, changes in the estate of electrics etc.

We will build the house until 3 months from release of the building permit

Díky dlouholetým zkušenostem máme skvěle nastavený systém řízení staveb, který se pozitivně podepisuje na rychlosti výstavby dřevostavby. Klient tak ušetří spousty peněz za podnájem který si někde musí platit. Rychlost výstavby však díky suché výstavbě nemá žádný vliv na kvalitu provedení - jsou vždy dodrženy veškeré technologické normy pro výstavbu dřevostaveb.

Client’s changes are allowed as well during the construction

Even if it is about wooden house, procedure is not the same as the procedure of the prefabricated structure, which we manufacture on the other place than the estate takes place. We meet with the client on the estate (realised house), weekly on the inspectional day, when all the possible client’s changes being discussed (always until a concrete date).

Quality of the implementation – our principle we are particular about

We cooperate for a several years with suppliers, who provide the highest quality. You should not be afraid of low-grade implementation of your wooden structure.

Quality is our priority and the highest possible preference.

20-year guarantee for the skeleton of the house

We know that our skeleton construction is partly over-dimensioned, so we are not afraid to offer 20-year guarantee. The construction is not only stationary stable, but also safely treated against pests and fungi. Twenty years of guarantee but does not mean that the house will serve out after twenty years. Our wooden construction persist for several tens of years same as a brick house.

Heating for a song

The LUCERN houses are delivered in five skeleton implementation (LUCERN eko, LUCERN eko plus, LUCERN difuz, LUCERN difuz plus and LUCERN pasiv) from which already the first wall “LUCERN eko“ is very energetically economical – heating costs of 150 m-2 house fluctuate around 1,200 kč per month. At the best option “LUCERN pasiv“ the heating costs fluctuate around 400 kč per month.

A lot of advantages as a bonus for building with us

We offer to our clients discounts in chosen stores (Hornbach, Koupelny Ptáček, A-keramika, Kuchyně ORESI, outdoor payments and fences BEST, Apokork, Sapeli, Solodoor, PHILIPS illumination) + other offers of our local Czech producers about whom we won’t hear a bad word. We will pleased to provide you with more details on a personal meeting.

Distinctive approach of our people

Every contract has its own construction manager / project manager, who is 100% responsible for construction functioning. Thanks to our unique construction contract leading system is for you this system the most suitable. Our project manager has from his own motivation reasons the same interest about problem-free running and punctual handover of the construction as well as our firm LUCERN.

House design gratis

We offer to our clients designs of individual houses for free. The best thing you can do for your family house is to design it according to your demands and precisely situate on your estate. Hardly anybody is aware of the fact that the right position of the house on the estate with correctly arranged windows to the cardinal directions is the foundation for energy low-cost house. A poorly oriented house can triple operating costs! We mostly design modern wooden structures – the clients, who are interested in a standard house come into their own.