4+1 | 108.9 m2

3 290 000,-

včetně DPH


4+1 | 103.3 m2

2 790 000,-

včetně DPH


4+1 | 140.1 m2

3 490 000,-

včetně DPH


3+1 | 71.4 m2

1 990 000,-

včetně DPH


5+1 | 115.1 m2

3 090 000,-

včetně DPH


4+1 | 124.9 m2

3 290 000,-

včetně DPH


4+1 | 103.2 m2

2 740 000,-

včetně DPH


5+1 | 150.4 m2

3 790 000,-

včetně DPH


5+1 | 147 m2

3 690 000,-

včetně DPH


Co se Vám nejvíce na našich domech líbí?


16 %


52.2 %


26.8 %

něco jiného

5 %



1. baseplate

overburden topsoil by digger – placing soil on the estate – elevation difference max 25 cm
unloading of fundamental lines – laying of ground wires and entire penetrations
concreting of fundamental lines C16/20 – drilling of roxor for connection of lines with the plate
terrain equilibration by lost falsework – unevenness of estate max. 2 rows of concreting
induction of backfill (grit) to the baseplate + compaction by a vibratory plate
laying of sloping canalisation
laying of cari nets 150x150x5 – connection with roxors
concreting of the baseplate C20/25
welding of cardboard against humidity and protection against radon


2. perimeter walls – house construction

entire wood is from construction KVH prisms 120x60
house construction is mortised
exterior closure by OSB plates or 15 mm farmacell
construction is filled with mineral wool 120 MM
steam-tight foil
interior closure by rigistabil plates 12,5 mm on the KVH laths 60x40 (space for installations)
strength of girders is addicted house structural solution


3. roof truss

construction cut timber – impregnated against pests and fungi
roof laths with folio, alternatively decking by OSB 18 mm wood-chip plate
in case of unoccupied attic – truss tie beams
flat roof is made from KVH structural prisms 200x100
provided with decking from OSB plates 24 mm (further see composition of roof deck
covering of the underside with floorboards, thickness 14 mm – impregnation to the required shade


4. Roof

aying of roof covering – concrete tile KM BETA, black colour

installation of demanded supplements – snow barriers, ventilation

assembling of metal covering, rain eaves and leads – galvanised metal plate

5. ceiling constructions

laying of ceiling structural beams KVH 200x100

decking with OSB 24 mm plates

6. windows

isolating triple window 36 mm (4-12-4-12-4), Ug – 0,7W/m2K
six-chamber profiles, window frame of width 84 mm, Uf = 1,1W/m2K
double-sided white colour


7. stairway

between ground-floor and living attic is a stairway from beech  batten-board

wooden banister with wooden beet handrail

stained to the demanded colour

inspection opening 600X600 mm leads to ground areas


8. concrete floor

laying of heating isolation – floor polystyrene EPS 100 Z, thickness 100 mm

determination of dilatational joints – between rooms + circumferentially of the house

concreting by help of mechanically smoothed concrete toppings, thickness 50 mm

suitable for final floors and floor heating


9. inner partitions

bearing partitions from structural prisms KVH 120x60 – filled with isolation 80 mm

non-bearing partitions from structural prisms KVH 80x60 – filled with isolation 60 mm

double-sided decking by rigistabil plate 12,5 mm

assembling of required stiffeners (boiler, kettle, kitchen)


10. ceilings

at the flat roof and two-storey house floor – KVH laths 40x60 + plasterboard plate 12,5

at the roof truss – steel suspensory construction plasterboard including plasterboard plates 12,5 mm


11. facade

facade polystyrene EPS F 70, thickness 120 mm

acrylate troweling plaster 1,5 mm – shade according to request

placing of outside parapets



distribution of power cabling

living room – 8x socket 230 V, 2x switch, 2x light terminal, 1x TV/SAT

hall – 1x socket 230 V, 2x switch, 1x light terminal

kitchen – 5x socket 230 V, 1x light

rooms / workroom – 4x socket 230 V, 1X TV/SAT, 1x switch, 1x light terminal

stairway – 2x switch, 2x light, 1x socket 230 V

house exterior – 2x socket 230 V IP45, 2x light, 2x switch

assembling of distributor including complementation

sockets and switches TaNGO

light fittings ended with socket and a light bulb

complete revision report


13. heating

electric floor heating in the whole house – resistance heating cables 230 V

touch panel control

two-case boiler ariston 100l (for a family of four)


14. sanita – bathroom equipment and WC

RAVAK bath 170x70 or shower cubicle RAVAK 100x90

2x hanging WC TECE / GEBERIT, toilet bowl laufen

little sink for WC Jika 400

big sink in bathroom Jika 6000

hansgrohe battery for sinks and a bath / shower cubicle

garden valve

connections for a designed kitchen


15. floors

floor tiling and tiling (max 20 m-2) – hall, bathroom, wc, kitchen

 - price to 340 kč/m-2 (only for material)

laminated particle boards, PVC or carpet – living room, rooms, workroom, closet

 - price to 390 kč/m-2 (only for material)


16. paints

white colour – primalex plus

17. interior door

casing frames solodoor

smooth surface

folio surface – oak, beech, alder, etc.